Espresso Talk...

Americano: An espresso diluted with hot water making a more regular black coffee.

Americano Misto: An Americano with steamed milk. So, an espresso with hot water and steamed milk in equal quantities.

Barista: Trained Espresso bartender preparing speciality coffee.

Café Au Lait: French style, with coffee and boiled milk poured simultaneously into a cup.

Café Con Leche: 1.5oz espresso with enough steamed milk to fill an 8oz cup.

Caffè Amaretto: Latte with almond syrup.

Caffè Con Panna: Demitasse of espresso topped by a dollop of whipped cream. Also called an Espresso Con Panna.

Caffè Corretto: Also known an Espresso Corretto. Corretto means "corrected." Refers to adding cognac or some other liqueur.

Caffè Creme: Also known as an Espresso Creme. 1.5oz of espresso with an ounce of heavy cream. Also referred to as a "Café Crème."

Caffè Freddo: Chilled espresso in a glass, sometimes with ice.

Caffè Latte: Also known simply as a Latte. An espresso made with steamed milk, topped by foamed milk.

Caffè Lungo: Same as an Americano.

Caffè Macchiatto: An espresso "marked" with a teaspoon or two of foamed milk ("macchiatto" means "marked").

Caffè Medici: A doppio poured over chocolate syrup and orange (and sometimes lemon) peel, usually topped with whipped cream.

Caffè Mocha: Also known simply as a Mocha. A latte with chocolate. Methods of preparation can vary.

Caffè Ristretto: A short shot, but with the same amount of coffee as a full shot, concentrated.

Cake in a Cup: Espresso with double cream, double sugar. Also called a Double Double.

Cappuccino: A shot of straight espresso with foamed milk on top.

Caramel: A latte with caramel syrup.

Crema: The tan-colored foam that forms on top of an espresso shot, as a result of the brewing process. The crema is composed of minuscule air bubbles composed of espresso film and forms a "cap" that protects the espresso proper from being exposed to the air.

Demitasse: Small cup for serving espresso straight.

Doppio: Double espresso.

Double: An espresso made from a double shot, approximately 2oz.

Dry: Just foamed milk (no steamed milk).

Espresso: Approximately a 1oz shot - hot water is pressed by means of a piston or pump through finely ground, firmly packed coffee.

Espresso Breve: Espresso with half-n-half or other semi-skimmed milk.

Espresso Lungo: A long pull, to squeeze the max from the grind.

Espresso Macchiato: Espresso with just a dollop of steamed milk on top.

Espresso Ristretto: A shorter or "restricted" pull. Creates a thicker drink.

Foamless: Without foamed milk.

Frappuccino: Developed by Starbucks - an iced or chilled cappuccino.

Grande: 16-ounce cup.

Granita: Latte with frozen milk.

Half-Caf: Half decaf.

Harmless: Decaf espresso.

Latte Puné: A mini-latte with a full shot of espresso.

Latteccino: A latte with more froth.

Mochaccino: A cappuccino with chocolate.

Nico: A breve with orange syrup and cinnamon.

No Fun: Decaff latte

Quad: Four shots, a double-double.

Shot in the Dark: A regular coffee with a shot of espresso.

Skinny: Non-fat or skimmed milk.

Skinny Harmless: A skimmed milk, decaf latte.

Soy Latte: Soya milk latte.

Tall: 12-ounce cup.

Triple: Three shots.

Unleaded: Decaf.

Wet: No foamed milk (steamed milk only).

With Wings: A cup with handles.