Please recycle your used capsules as much as possible. This can be a bit of a chore, as with thousands of other mass produced items these days, but if we all do our bit then the world will be a cleaner place for future generations.

Our capsules are plastic and foil so are therefore recyclable with domestic and business collections. District Councils vary but, here in Neath, we are able to recycle our capsules as follows -

  • Plastic capsule - plastics waste bag.
  • Foil capsule cover - glass/metal waste box.
  • Coffee grounds - food waste caddy OR use as garden compost (very good!).
  • Delivery box or mailing bag - cardboard or plastics waste bag.
  • Foil lined capsule wrapper - Not currently recyclable but our council assures us that they are working on this sector as it includes so many items (crisp packets for example).

We find that the quickest way to empty the used capsules is to squeeze them forcing the grounds out, then shake or tap them into a container. Detach the foil cap then rinse.